Your choice of lawyer is an important decision that must take into account several essential considerations. First, an attorney must be knowledgeable. It is not enough to just be well-versed in the law, but an attorney must also be familiar with the procedures and court rules where your case will be litigated. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can handle your case with proficiency to reach a resolution as soon as possible while focusing on important aspects of your case to minimize your expenses.

It is equally important that an attorney maintain good, effective communication with the client. This includes providing a client regular updates and being available to a client to receive additional information and answer a client’s questions. All too often, people have bad experiences with lawyers and with the court process. Most dissatisfied litigants feel like they can’t find a good lawyer…….Sometimes, you just have to look in the right place.

Welcome to Smith Law, LLC. we are located in Sullivan, Missouri. Our law firm provides legal advice and services to clients in a wide variety of matters throughout the following Missouri counties: Crawford, Franklin, Washington, Phelps, Osage, Maries, Dent, Iron as well as other areas on a case by case basis.

Our law firm is dedicated to providing personalized service to each and every client we represent. We strive to maintain punctual communication with our clients so that we can promptly help when you need it most. A key philosophy we adhere to is that, as an attorney, we do not make decisions for our clients. Instead, we ensure that our clients are thoroughly informed of the facts, the law, and the options available. The purpose of this approach is to involve our clients in the process of litigation so that our clients can have a voice in making the important decisions that will most directly affect them.

Our focus is on domestic law such as divorce, paternity and custody; however we offer services in may other areas. We do not represent client in criminal matters because our principal attorney is currently serving as the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of Crawford County, Missouri. Please review our Areas of Practice to see in more detail the types of cases for which we do provide services.