Child Custody

Child custody litigation tends to be very emotionally charged and can be further complicated by unwise choices parents sometimes make out of fear, anger or ignorance of the law. Family law judges must make decisions that serve the minor child’s best interests and therefore are given substantial discretion in their decisions.

Child custody is comprised of multiple topics including legal custody, physical custody and visitation. Each form of custody refers to various rights or responsibilities such as determining which parent will make important decisions for the child and specifying which parent’s address will determine where the child attends school. Visitation establishes a specific schedule describing the days and times when the children will be with each parent. Custody and visitation can also have a collateral effect on the calculation of child support.

An effective attorney must work closely with a parent to evaluate the actions they have already taken and to advise the parent of what steps must be taken to achieve their custodial and visitation goals. Because courts have so much discretion in making these decisions, it is imperative to have an attorney that is well experienced and that is familiar with the way that judges evaluate custody cases.

Oftentimes, custody litigation involves a Guardian ad Litem, which is an attorney appointed by the court to represent minor children and to assist the court in determining what decisions will serve a minor child’s best interests. I have extensive experience in custody litigation and I have training that certifies me as a guardian ad litem and I have served in that capacity in numerous cases. My law firm can evaluate your case and assist you in presenting your case to the court in an effective manner. Call today to schedule a consultation.