Child Support

Child Support is calculated according to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 88.01 and uses a specific formula to calculate the presumed child support amount considering the parents’ gross income, the cost of the child’s health insurance, the cost of day care and factoring in a credit for court-ordered overnight stays the child has with the paying parent. With such a detailed rule and calculation, surely child support litigation is simple- right?

Like most areas of the law and certainly of family law, child support law is full of exceptions and special rules that make what could otherwise be simple evolve into a complex process. Child support cases are typically either part of other custodial litigation such as divorce or paternity litigation or child support can be an independent action that is being decided administratively by the Child Support Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. The limitations, regulations and restrictions that are related to support cases can make the subject rather complicated and therefore it is important to have an experienced attorney handle these matters for you.

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