Divorce, formally known in Missouri as dissolution of marriage, tends to be one of the most stressful and emotional types of litigation a person can experience. One concerning aspect is that the marital assets and debts must be divided and the results of that division can oftentimes leave very little to show for the years of investments and financial contributions made over the years.

Overshadowing the financial impacts of divorce, litigants oftentimes become very emotional concerning the custody of minor children. The court must not only determine custody, but must also establish a visitation schedule and a child support order. Because of these issues, the emotional impact of a divorce can be overwhelming.

One of the greatest services an experienced family law attorney can provide is to let the client deal with the emotions of the case while the attorney focuses on the law and procedure. It is important for the attorney to ensure that the client is aware of how the law operates and to inform the client of their options under the law so that the client can make informed decisions in their case.

Proper case handling involves highly technical statutory laws and case law from higher courts that change frequently. I have practiced family law for many years and it remains the largest concentration of my law practice. I have taken cases to the Missouri Court of Appeals and to the Missouri Supreme Court with favorable results for my clients. Call today to schedule a consultation and you will see how my firm can assist you.