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We would love to hear from you about your legal needs, but you must take notice that your initial email must only be a general inquiry about the range and terms of my service. The solitary act of sending an email to me shall not be interpreted as my agreement to represent you. Please do not send privileged information until it is clear that I am representing you.

Some experts assert that e-mail is not a secure method of communication. E-mails are subject to interception, as are faxes, telephone calls, and mailed letters. Please read the notice and full text of the opinion issued by The Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the Missouri Bar Association about security risks with e-mails before you send my law firm an e-mail or request that I respond to you by e-mail.

The content of this website makes general statements about the law and is not intended to constitute legal advice. No person should rely solely upon the content of this or any other website as a basis for making important legal decisions. Attorneys in Missouri are prohibited from declaring themselves to be specialists in any particular field of the law. No information contained in this website is intended to in any way suggest that any attorney with Smith Law, LLC is a specialist or have had any specialized training above that which all Missouri licensed attorneys must have, with the exception of Guardian ad Litem certification.

Any e-mails that contain a request for answers to a specific set of circumstances from non-established clients will go unanswered. I will be happy to conduct a consultation with you where we can get more specific, but I do not give initial legal advice to potential clients via e-mail.

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