Personal Injury

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Accidents are unpredictable. You don’t plan for them and you cannot avoid them. These facts do not satisfy your mortgage lenders, utility providers or other creditors when an injury prevents you from working, paying your bills and providing for your family.

Soon after an accident occurs, it is not uncommon to receive a call from an insurance company. They suggest that they are there to help resolve the injury and to make sure your medical expenses are taken care of. What they don’t tell you is that they are specially trained to ask you interview questions designed to limit your injuries and minimize their liability.

Injury cases are somewhat unique in that oftentimes, you don’t know what treatment will be needed on your path to physical recovery and therefore, you don’t immediately know what your monetary damages will be. An experienced personal injury attorney will preserve your claim so all your injuries and treatment can be addressed. Let an experienced personal injury handle your claim and avoid the insurance company interview trap. Call today for a consultation.